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Living paycheck to paycheck in a rented house…


You see a pitch dark future when you think about owning your own home one day…


No signs of improving your credit score…

If you can relate to any of this, it’s time to take a sigh of relief. Coach Toya is here to help you improve your credit score so you can have the house of your dreams!



Coach Toya is a Coach, Author, Podcast Host, Speaker and Insurance Agent. She loves teaching aspiring homeowners the secrets to raising their credit scores to qualify for a mortgage (quickly)!


Born and raised in Georgetown, SC, she grew up with a grandmother who worked cleaning houses for wealthy people. Seeing how hard her grandmother had to work, she knew there had to be a better way to achieve financial freedom and wealth.

Coach Toya now teaches aspiring homeowners the secrets to changing their credit and financial health…without wasting time and unnecessary money on gimmicks.



Pick My Brain Session


Your credit reports represent your financial health. Let Coach Toya analyze your credit report and share personalized advice on improving your credit report quickly!


Not sure if you’re on the right track or where to go next? Sometimes It can be hard to get there alone. Coach Toya will help you every step of the way so you can achieve the financial freedom and get the house you’ve been aiming for. All without the headache of going at it alone.


Get a 30-min consultation and experience the demo of what she has to offer!



  • Answers to your financial recovery

  • Crazy hacks for building credit quickly

  • Secrets to the road of financial freedom

  • Tailored advice from finance & Credit Expert– Coach Toya!


When is the best time for you to step into the passage for your financial freedom? The ideal time would have been yesterday, but today is your next best chance!

E-Book and Video Course

Check out the  E-Book and video course, which has answers to all your queries! Surf through the proven tricks and secrets to improving your credit score quickly and easily!

Coach Toya has shared some crazy hacks to improving your credit report and being able to own your dream apartment quickly!


With one complete handbook, you get answers to all your finance-related questions. Coach Toya has compressed her years of experience and techniques in this one handbook.


  • No more application denial at rental companies

  • No more wasting money on credit report ‘fixers’

  • No more living in a rented house



The longer your time horizon, the longer you allow yourself to reach your goal to have a house

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